Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

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Mobile Application Development VK Web engineering develop best of iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows  mobile applications like game, business, healthcare, wireless, shopping, Social networking, GPS/Map/Navigation apps to let customers have an edge.

Mobile technology is getting advanced from what it was traditionally. It keeps customers to stay connected to their friends, relatives, business, employees etc. for almost all the time. So now the scenario is that people are moving towards beyond desktops to mobile and keeps attuned to their customer needs. Smartphones in such case are widespread as they offer numerous features and apps that allow the customer to do anything as per his wish.

We have expert professionals having high qualification and extensive experience in providing mobile technologies solutions to our customers as per their needs.

VK Web Engineering is a mobile application development firm from many years. We deal with mobile technologies since its inception. We structure mobile application as a multi-layered application that consists of business, data layers and user experience. We follow strict and proven process which starts with defining the mobile application, understanding key components, learning scenarios where it will be used, learning key patterns and technology considerations.

Mobile Application Development
Mobile Application Development

We have proficiency in custom mobile application software development on all major handheld and smartphone platforms that will help you to achieve a faster time to market along with the cost-effective benefit.

Our Mobile Technology Development Services:
·         iPhone Development

We have experience in developing high quality of applications for iPhone that has sparkling performance on your screen and takes your company to new levels of heights bringing new customers.

·         iPad Development

We started with development of iPad since the day it was released. We offer feature-rich applications and games for your iPad needs.

·         Android Development

Our Android developers have expertise in all mobile technologies including Android.

·         Blackberry Development

VK Web Engineering has extensive experience with blackberry development. We develop applications that perform best and offer you latest features on your Blackberry phone.

·         Windows Mobile Development

We help you to expand your mobile applications user base with our development services for your windows mobile phone.

·         Symbian Development

We offer customized Symbian apps including security apps, games, GPS apps, Bluetooth based apps and multimedia features.

·         Brew Development

We provide powerful BREW applications that very fast, provides enhanced multimedia experience with 2D & 3D graphics, audio multi-streaming and much more.

·         Palm Pre Web OS Development

VK Web Engineering has unmatched experience and expertise in providing Palm pre development services. Our applications are developed since the introduction of third party publishing for webOS.

·         Bada OS Development

We can cater all needs of customer for Bada-based projects of any scope. We develop Samsung BADA SDK and IDE for advanced software development.

·         Meego OS Development

We are a leading company providing full range of MeeGo services that includes from chipset and EVB performance testing to application development.

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