3D Modeling Services and Shop Drawing Services

We use state-of-the-art modern software and the latest technology tools to convert your ideas into realistic animations, walk-troughs, fly-through, videos and visualizations of every type.

At VK Web Engineering we understand your 3D design and 3D modeling for outsourcing requirements and believe that 3D visuals help save you cost and time if your ideas match with design and concepts much easier. We provide you with industry expert designers and 3D artists to create 3D models and presentations.

We produce walkthroughs, 3D visualizations from 2D and 3D data and animations of all kinds. We create magic with our experts and create 3D models from sketches, CAD drawings, photographs or just verbal descriptions.

We provide expert 3D CAD design services to customers across industries and engineering fields such as manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Civil, Electrical, Instrumentation and Structural designs and fabrication. Moreover, we also work for specialized industrial drawings and 3D modeling needs of Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Fertilizer, factories, Power and water treatment plants for both private and public organizations.

We create most of our designs in 3D CAD and 2D drawings to print on paper. Our team of designers and modelers utilize latest 3D modeling software for every project design and development from inception to implementation for fabrication/construction.

We provide drawing services as a leading design consultant with a range of experience working across industries like Oil & Gas, Energy, Utility, Construction, Processes, Manufacturing and other engineering entities.

We utilize extensive libraries and experience of textures and modeling to generate marketing collaterals and materials for your sales and marketing team along with manuals and user guides.

Advantages of 3D modeling:

360-degree component views for Piping layout, Equipment, Cable, Trays, Steel, Concrete Structures, and boilers

Single file for accurate extractions of Layouts, Cable routing, GA, Steel and Architectural Drawings etc.

Facility planning and effective design for multi-disciplinary engineering industries

Quick turnaround time for 3D plant modeling

Performance and design reviews with pinpoint quality control

Animated videos and modeling with high accuracy

Optimized project schedule adherence to accident avoidance with detailed planning and documentation

Our core 3D modeling work activities are:


Structural Framing Modeling

Reinforced Concrete Modeling

Steel Framing Modeling

As Built Modeling

In-Fill Area Modeling

Precast Modeling

Connection Modeling

Rebar Modeling

Structural Stair Modeling

Wooden Framing Modeling

Parametric/Non-Parametric Modeling

Foundation Modeling

Want us to look after the whole design process? We deliver a full range design consultancy services to companies of all sizes. We can work on a project at every stage and customize a solution for your requirements.

Our As-built drawing and other supporting services to help companies design engineering requirements and create accurate documentation to better understand changes made during the project. Updates and records of the drawings are also part of our service list.

Our expert team of designers, drafters and 3D artists cater to a variety of drawing requests and requirements to work on a project at any phase from inception to implementation and beyond. Our other design services are:

Design consultation

Product design

Industrial design

Reverse engineering

Manufacturing drawings

Plant drawings

Site surveys

Building plans

Prototyping and Presentations

Digital print

As-built documentation

Help your business with our cost-effective drawing services. Talk to our drawing and design experts to get a free quote and consultation.