Offline Data Entry Services USA and India

We offer high-end digitization with outsourcing of Backend jobs of converting data into valuable information to work as a backbone to effective functioning of your company. With our offline data entry services we offer a range of data entry work from report generation to payment sheet and presentation services to PDF data conversions with systematic flow of timely completing tasks.

We help create a strong foundation of businesses by developing reliable data entry solutions that are customized to take less storage and track vital information when need arises. We work alongside your business model and operation flow to deliver timely information from your data.

We at VK Web Engineering excel at providing high-quality, errorless and effective offline data entry services for all type of businesses whether you are a start-up, large business, government, enterprise or small and medium business. With our range of offline data entry solutions we are leaders in offering outsourced offline data entry solutions in India at economical costs while maintaining high-grade standards.

Wide range of Offline Data Entry Solutions

Offline Data entry solutions and services are a straight forward outsourcing candidates. It helps you delegate non0important and tedious task of entering details from various forms, documents and other databases into your systems.

It occupies your staff for menial work and shoots-up costs manifold while giving you sleepless times. You can outsource these services to our outsourcing centre in India and we would do a great data entry job for you with high accuracy and in record times. Our services include:

Survey forms Data entry Data entry of application forms Data entry from images Data entry of historical data
Account Data Entry Data entry of invoices Data entry of initialization data Data entry of electoral rolls
Data entry from Hand written data
Data Mining

We have over 20 years of experience in providing offline data entry services like Data Mining, offline data entry, offline data entry services, offline data processing services, offline data conversion services, outsource offline data entry services, offline data entry of e books, offline data entry of catalogs, offline data entry of database and solutions. We have worked with hundreds of MNC companies and have created strong business relations with our clients who vouch for our quality and security standards.

Listed are some of the most common offline data entry services provided by us:

Gathering mailing lists from digital resources and entering their records Compilation of details from filled-in forms Typing of details in MS Word document and Excel and making PowerPoint presentation Making invoices and other payment related bills
Developing excellent looking PowerPoint impression Data Entry for insurance claims form Web URL collection Offline Image capture & storage
Form filling with data from different resources Entry for eBooks, business cards, Catalogues and labels Offline entry of data from one version/format to another Database entry services
Entry of data into MS Office related files

Why Outsource Offline Data Services to us?

There are hundreds of companies in India providing data entry services and offshore data entry solutions that combine our expertise and swiftness with your data. Here are some of the most prominent reasons to work with us for your data entry work.

Over 15 years of experience in providing efficient and cost-effective offline data processing services.

Our tailored and highly customized and scalable offline data entry services

Data sources such as scanned documents, images, html web pages, pdfs, forms etc. are accepted as sources of data input.

Our uncompromising commitment to data security and information confidentiality of client data is a testimony to our reliability.

We have procedures in place that ensure secure transfer and management of data.

A team of data entry professionals diligently work on ensuring that the final data entry output has greater than 99% accuracy. Our quality assurance experts ensure that the final output is devoid of missing and inaccurate data as well as other discrepancies.

We have the latest tools and modern technology equipments and methods to carry out offline data entry and processing, including scanners, processors, OCR, and ICR technology.

We provide data clean-up services as an additional level of data quality control.

Our experienced data managers supervise all data entry project work to ensure that all offline data entry tasks are completed within the stipulated time without high-accuracy.

Industries we work with:

We have over 15 years of experience in providing offline data entry services and solutions. We have worked with hundreds of companies and have created strong business relations with our clients who vouch for our quality and security standards.


















Food Supply

Chain Management





Non Profit Orgnization

Why work with us for Offline Data Entry and Data Mining projects?

We have served over 500 clients across the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and Europe with our outsourced data entry services. We have a proven track record of providing on-time delivery with quality Offline Data Entry services and Data Mining Services. Work with us to have customized data entry solution for your company.

Cost-effective services, with almost 50% savings in operation costs

High Quality and On-time delivery of work

Risk-free outsourcing data entry with multi-layered security policies and practices

Customized reports at various levels in all file formats including PDF, Excel, PPT, XML etc.

Our Offline Data Entry services cater unique solutions as per your business requirements. If your requirement is not listed here, then please get in touch with us. We will customize a one off data entry solution that suits your business process and business model.

Require detailed Offline Data, Offline Form Filling and Processing Entry for your Business Services. Contact us for a free consultation on and we will get back to you with a brief for your project.