Structural Drafting and Steel Detailing Services

VK Web Engineering is a foremost structural design and modeling outsourcing company in India to have more than 18 years of experience in outsourcing of engineering design services. We offer a broad range of Structural Engineering services to companies, agencies and engineering designers at cost-effective prices across various industrial segments. Our Structural designers, consultants and draftsman offer quality designs, prototypes, and 2D/3D models in a time-bound manner as per your engineering project requirements.VK Web Engineering Specialized in Rebar Detailing, Structural BIM, Construction Documentation, Steel detailing, Structural 3D Modeling, Structural framing modelling, Precast Detailing, CAD Conversion, Shop/Fabrication Drawings, Structural Drafting Services, Structural Steel Detailing Services, Miscellaneous Steel Detailing, Rebar Detailing Services, Precast Detailing Services, Structural Design Services

We offer on demand engineering design services in form of hiring a designer for your project. Our design engineers are trained, qualified and experienced in all the Structural engineering Design requirements from Analysis to design and from modeling to remodeling. We provide engineering drafting services across the globe from transportation of heavy buildings to large scale infrastructure developments and from small house projects to commercial structural designs.

We at VK Web Engineering use licensed design and drafting software and tools for all our Structural Design outsourcing projects. Our services include Structural Design, Structural Analysis, 2D modeling, 3D modeling and Structural plans and prototypes in detailed and high-quality services. Our services are concentrated in these 4 types:

Structural Design Services

We provide high-quality and rapid prototype services with our Structural Design Services. We use most modern structural design software like Revit, AutoCAD, Tekla, Enercalc, Quick Tools, and AutoSketch. Our design services include steel design and calculations, steel detailing, rebar detailing, shop drawings, structure design and analysis, building information modeling (BIM) and structural drafting and 2D/3D modeling services. We fructify your vision into beautiful designs from conceptualization, to prototyping and from analysis to 2D/3D modeling that assures the succ ess of your project on a grand scale.

Structural Drafting Services

Our quality designs of fabrication drawings and construction models are persistent with industry standard Structural Drafting Services. Our experienced Draftsmen maintain high-quality in 2D CAD drafting and we offer complete and customizable packages for your specific business requirements. Our clients get perfect, on-time and quality checked drawings with a detailed summary of the draft that saves them time and most importantly reduces the cost for their projects.

Structural Detailing Services

Structural Steel Detailing Services form the most important part of Structural Designs, it will be an understatement to say that any construction activity is incomplete without the completion of the process of Structural Steel Detailing and Design services .

We at VK Web Engineering understand that and provide dedicated engineers and draftsmen communicate perfectly over your preferred communication lines and follow a transparent process of outsourced design services. We offer steel detailing service standards as per the project of your destination country from UAE to Saudi Arabia and From India to Canada, USA and European countries.

Structural Analysis

VK Web engineering's professional analysts and engineers are capable of conveying best analysis and calculation that produce structural design calculations, structural beam calculations that step-up your project with cost savings and provide outstanding results to our clients. Our vast experience in structural designing, analysis, and calculations that provide focused structural engineering services saves a lot of time and costs for your outsourcing projects.

2D/3D Structural Modeling Services

Our expert team of experienced engineers, drafters and designers take their work head on and hand sketch complex sketches by hand before designing comprehensive 2D drafting solutions and services. We provide files into every different file format dwg, dwf, dxf, images like TIFF, JPEG, PDF FILES, and hand drawn sketches. We provide output format like dwg, dxf, dwf, PDF, TIFF, JPEG as per client's requirement.

We at VK Web Engineering design high quality, economical and timely prototyping services for Structural 2D Drafting and structural CAD drawing services.

We provide 2D drafting services Our Structure 3D Modeling Services s
• Foundation plan
• Foundation drawing
• Structural layouts
• Reinforced concrete detailing
• R.C.C. beam framing.
• Reinforcement Detailing
• Fabrication Shop Drawing
• Structural steel detailing
• Structural steel fabrication Drawings
• Steel Structure
• Commercial Building
• Industrial Building
• A special structure like Tanks, canopies etc.
• Reinforced Concrete
• Wooden frame Structure
• Panel Structure

Our skilled engineers are also able to provide you Structural Design for commercial building, RCC & structure steel, steel shapes and beams, structural stairs, structural hand railing, beam to BEAM connection etc. Our greatest asset is the highly skilled engineers, designers, draftsmen and analyzers working in our organization for your CAD Services.

In addition to that, we provide Structural Design Services for:

• Structural Steel Design

• Structural Analysis

• Erection framing plan

• Different sizes of members

• Piece / shop marks / erection notes

• Loads on framing plan

• Connection details,

• All dimensions (member spacing, elevation etc.),

• Different plate details,

• Design calculation for connections,

• Structural standard notes

• Residential Structural Design Analysis

• Bar Bending Schedules

• Pre-Stressed Detailing

• Framing Details

• Reinforcement Detailing

• Steel/Concrete/ Timber Structures

• Structural Steel Frame Analysis and Modeling

• Structural Calculations

• Water Tank Detailing and Structural Steel Design Analysis

Why choose VK Web Engineering for Structural for your Structural Design Services:

Quick Turn Around Time Data Security Experience and Expertise Quality
As soon as we receive go ahead for any project, we get down to business. We begin segregating records to commence Structural Design engineering services work that is aligned to your business process for clear and understandable Structural Design engineering services which becomes your vital business information. Our state-of-the-art systems and quality certifications speak for our security standards. Our Structural Design engineering services managers store vital information on dedicated servers. Our files encrypted with 56-bit encryptions that can only be opened by you with special passwords sent out via email, giving us amazing confidence in the Structural Design engineering services outsourcing industry. Our teams have expert Structural Design engineering services operators and team managers, quality analysts and customer service champions that are experienced in maintaining impeccable Structural Design engineering services standards for client projects. We follow double monitoring with manual checks and tool based checks to remove errors and increase efficiency. We maintain error logs and send them out to Structural Design engineering services teams and clients to increase our Quality rankings from work.

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