Business Process Management (BPM) Solutions

Business Process Management (BPM) Solutions


Business processes are to be dealt with looking into real facts as they help for proper measurement of risk. Without doing this a company will have an outdated and incomplete system thus it is very crucial to have a well-managed business process management. VK Web Engineering offers business process management software which helps your business to be more competitive and cost-effective.

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For VK Web Engineering BPM is Business Performance Management

We have highly qualified professionals who understand your business needs and provide you with solution that helps your business to perform best. IT staff and business people of your company have similar goal – helping your business operate at its best so we at Hi-Tech Export focus on giving tools that they can use to build best business processes. Further benefit of our business process management is that it can be easily re-modified as per your business changes.

Business Process management from us offers you an easily deployable and fully web-based solution for automating all your human and document-centric processes. It provides you with a single automated solution by integrating all the necessary process components.


Key Features of our BPM Solutions:

  • Process discovery:We perform discovery of all essential process data like inputs and outputs, costs, time, resources etc.
  • Process Planning & evaluation:Proper planning and evaluation helps to evaluate business processes from different levels thus it streamlines workflow and improves output of work.
  • Process Modelling:We use powerful graphic modelling tools that allows you to write, manage and modify rules as per changing business needs.
  • Performance Management tool:It offers links, targets and indicators to processes through the use of CPM tool.
  • Process simulator:Fully integrated simulation design which helps you to set attributes among other variables.
  • Content services:Fully integrated ECM solution helps you to manage, store and share all the information/data safely.
  • Process Delivery Services:We provide web based deployment of the solutions which allows access of business process knowledge permanently.
  • Process engine:It assigns process activities to correct people at correct time.
  • Task Management:It includes ownership, delegation and automatic escalation of tasks as per priority and deadlines.
  • Process connectors:It enables seamless integration of business processes with third party applications.
  • Business Intelligence:It helps you to manage all your business processes effectively.


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