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Software Prototyping Services at VK Web Engineering offers software prototyping services to help businesses build prototypes of their software ideas and test them before investing in full-scale development. Our team of experienced software developers uses the latest technologies and tools to ensure that your software prototype is efficient, scalable, and secure.

We offer outsource software prototyping services to help businesses reduce costs and improve efficiency. Our software prototyping services include:

Software Idea Validation: Our team can help you validate your software idea by building a prototype and testing it with your target audience. We can help you with market research, user research, and prototype design.

Software Prototype Development: Our team can help you develop a software prototype that demonstrates the core functionality of your software idea. We can help you with software architecture, software design, software development, and software testing.

Software Prototype Testing: Our team can help you test your software prototype with your target audience and gather feedback to improve your software idea. We can help you with user testing, feedback gathering, and prototype iteration.

Outsource Software Prototyping: We can help you outsource software prototyping to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Prototyping is used to simulate business process automation, control investments, and minimize development risks. If you have requirement of refining functionality, setting right priorities and detecting potential issues then Software System Prototyping is the right choice.

Our services reduce major costs, have confidentiality and security regarding work, top-level prototype with the possibility of changing and modifying as per requirement and freedom from having to maintain an expensive research division.

Offshore Software Prototyping Services

VK Web Engineering has wide experience in the field of Software Prototyping and it is beneficial as you can have unlimited opportunity to launch new products. We provide Requirement Management, Static Mockups and Clickable wireframes & applied visual design.

Software Prototyping Services
Software Prototyping Services

Benefits of Our Rapid Software Prototyping Service India:

  • Overall development effort is less
  • System usability is improved
  • Design Quality is improved
  • Maintainability is improved
  • Close match to the required system
  • System can support system testing and user training
  • Early in the process working system is available
  • Misunderstandings between developers and users are uncovered
  • Missing features may be found and confusing features may be recognized
  • For deriving a functional specification, prototype serves as a basis

There are many types of prototyping which are as follows:

·         Throwaway Prototyping

It refers to the creation of a model that will ultimately be removed rather than becoming part of the final delivered software.

·         Horizontal Prototype

It provides a large view of system, focusing more on user interaction rather than low-level system functionality like database access.

·         Vertical Prototype

It is used for getting detail requirement for a given function.

·         Evolutionary Prototyping

It is used to build robust prototype in structured manner and continuously refine it.

·         Extreme Prototyping

As a development process it is used for developing web applications. Mainly it divides web development into three parts. In the first part there is static prototype which contains HTML pages. In the second part, screens are programmed and fully functional using simulated services layer. In the third part services are implemented.

·         Incremental Prototyping

The final product is developed as separate prototype and at last it is merged in overall design.

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