Legacy System Migration Services

Legacy System Migration Services | System Migration Services

Replacing legacy systems is costly, risky and it also extends downtime of typical solutions but is important as well. We at VK Web Engineering provide you with legacy a system migration solution which is the only solutions that is designed specially to avoid the penalties. Our modules are the correct replacements of your original systems.


Lessen High Maintenance Costs and Reduce chances of Technology Obsolescence; Consult VK Web Engineering for Legacy Systems & Applications Migration.


Why Legacy Migration Services from VK Web Engineering?

We have highly qualified and skilled professionals who properly know how to reuse your existing termination cabinets, power supplies, I/O racks and assemblies. Further we add new controllers and workstations and you get a fully new legacy system. Our legacy system minimizes the costs, risks and the process downtime of the system replacement. Value addition is our main goal and through our services we develop a safe strategy that migrate your data safely and securely. Tailor made solutions which are catered as per your specific requirements are also provided by our skilled employees. Apart from migration we also add new features which make the system more user-friendly and add on to the functionality.

Legacy System Migration Services
Legacy System Migration Services

Our Legacy System Migration Capabilities include:

  • Legacy application re-design/re-transform
  • Migration to multiple databases
  • Up-gradation of database
  • Migration to web platforms
  • GUI migration

Advantages of Our Legacy System Migration Services:

  • Lower cost & downtime
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Enhanced functionality of applications
  • Better user experience
  • Solutions that solve existing limitations and challenges
  • Cost-effective system functionalities
  • Benefits of new technologies
  • Developers having project expertise
  • Conversion of 2tier to n tier application
  • Service oriented architecture
  • No risk, reversible approach
  • Lifetime support

Every day technologies are evolving at a rapid pace and so it has become almost compulsory to update and re-transform the systems. Transforming legacy systems is a cost-effective way to avoid the application maintenance costs and the systems get more efficient to work with.


Contact us to develop systematic strategy that moves the complete scenario with our legacy system migration services.