Secure Intranet & Extranet Solutions

Secure Intranet & Extranet Solutions

More and more companies prefer to use intranets (internet technology which is used to distribute information more effectively inside an organization) and extranets (intranets that are used to share information with selected outsiders) for improving their efficiency. Intranet is a secure and private network that stores all your important information and authorizes its access to your employees so that there is a smooth communication inside your organization. While at the same time extranet empowers access of information to your customers, suppliers, vendors or anybody who is linked with your business.

Professional Consulting Services from VK Web Engineering Expert Consultants for – Enhanced Enterprise Efficiency, Better Business Performance and Augmented Growth.

Secure Intranet & Extranet Design & Development

VK Web Engineering offers secure intranets and extranets to any size of company. We have highly qualified and talented team who has deep knowledge of all web related technologies. We design and develop solutions keeping in mind client’s business needs. Our strong focus remains on how to provide you with a solution that offers maximum benefits, improved business and effective platform to interact inside and outside of your company. Our domain expertise and technological strength allow us with collaborating of web application frameworks with databases.

With our secure intranets you can route all the operations through intranet and through our secure extranets software development your clients or any other external agent linked with you can know all important details of your business as per their requirement.

Key areas we focus upon in Intranet / Extranet Development:
  • Distribution of information and documents
  • Company’s communication and interactive services
  • Database access
  • Content management
  • Administration

VK Web Engineering Export connects you with your suppliers, vendors, partners and clients with our secure extranets software development that is fully scalable, robust, confidential and profiled. It collaborated and brings you closer to all of them by providing them with access to relevant business information and applications.

Intranet / Extranet Application areas include:

  • Marketing
  • Vendor management
  • Customer support
  • FAQ
  • Recruitment

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