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What is the difference between a static and a dynamic website? 10 Pros and Cons of Dynamic and Static websites.

“In the world of internet, the website reigns supreme.”Though apps are on the rise they are no match to the dominations websites have. There are many varieties of websites available each catering to different audience and business segment and industry. Most people across the world have a fair idea of what a website should like and behave.

A website’s primary goal is to provide information to the right audience. It can have information about the cooking recipience to educational material to business services and great many number of products. The magic is that it’s available with a click. That magic is what attracts most businesses to build a website. It becomes their 24X7 salesman and representative of what they stand for. But, as it happens businessmen get confused which type of website they should choose to represent their business.

The choices are only few mainly between a Static website and a Dynamic one. Which one should you chose for your business project? You can read these pros and cons to decide by yourself.

Static Website Pros and Cons

What is a static website? The answer is a static website is written in plain HTML and what is in the code of the html is shown to the user with basic layouts. It’s main pros and cons are listed below:

Pros Cons
Flexibility to add custom layout for each webpage Limited number of pages can be added at a go
Design and Development is easy Content updates are lengthy and complicated
Uses HTML code for Development Limited functionality due to static content
Graphic usage is limited Same layout with every load
Does not work on Mobile Views No data structure or database storage

Dynamic Website Pros and Cons

A dynamic website can be written in multiple languages like ASP, Java, HML5, CSS and a combination of all these technologies. It is developed using a Server side Structure language that shows different content based on different domains and countries. The basic Pros and cons are as listed below:

Pros Cons
Mobile View is supported and enhances user experience Data is fetched from Servers
Multiple pages can be added at a go Require a CMS to work on the content
Content and image updates are easy to handle Design is fixed and works on templates
Functionality and Graphics can be added using various languages Cost is the biggest difference with Dynamic site is costly
Can host multiple domains and shows different layouts at different times Coding and structure is complex


The choice to create a website is totally dependent on your requirements. Whether its business related, industry related or functionality related. There are multiple factors that come into play while developing a website. You shouldconsider each one of them before you start your website development project with your solutions partner.

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